Custom App

Segments to the Application,

Once you have tried our app and you feel you need some more features.

Customisation features include:

How and what you send your technicians.
You can send detailed instructions to the technicians, including drawings, safe work method statements,  and work instructions at a click of a button.
This can be done from a standard computer.

Contacts and Details.
We can customise how you upload and share the data to you Technicains.
You can upload all contacts which can be used by all technicians for the customers details, so it is only a click of a button on your iPad get all your customer details filled out.

We can customise all field in the scheduled work so you can do the schedule there work from the calendar and send to your technician, they do not need to come to office to get there jobs

Technician Tracking.
These features can be turned on and off,
With the application you can see were all your technicians are, all the time with a click of a button

Other technicians can find out who is close by.

Reports and PDF Styles.
Reports can be easily modified with adobe, so price can be added in, photos modified or enlarged to show problems.

Other Changes to the App.

Contact Us for ideas that haven’t been thought of yet.
Just because we haven’t listed it here doesn’t mean we cant make it for you if you have something else in mind Please drop our team an email and we will gladly help.